The REAL Douay-Rheims Bible.

This edition of the Rheims New Testament of 1582 is a "Red Letter" edition. It means that the words of Jesus are in red type. This enables the reader to easily see what Jesus himself said, and makes the Bible easier to study for the lay person wanting to read the words of Jesus.

Dr. von Peters has also put the name of Jesus in the Gospels in dark red/crimson type, as thus: JESUS, so that the sacred name of Jesus stands out in the text. The capitalization is a function of the original and true Rheims of 1582.

References from the Old Testament prophecies remain bolded as before, and if spoken by Jesus are red and bolded, if not they are in crimson.

In addition to the above, the name of MARY, Mother of God-Man Jesus is also bolded in blue.

As part of the Red Letter Edition the name and words of God the FATHER, and the Holy Ghost are written in dark red/crimson, so they stand out as well.

The work remains that of the Original and True Douay Rheims© of 1582 transliterated by Dr. William G. von Peters, without addition or alteration of text; so the Church's approbation and approval upon the REAL Rheims New Testament© remains unaffected.

The REAL Douay Old Testament© is also being prepared in a Red Letter Edition. We hope to have it out in a few months.

God bless you,
Dr. William G. von Peters, Ph.D.